Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cooking Class!

Wow that was fun! About 15 of us were there, and 2 chef's.

We got to stand at counter and help chop and mix and watch the chefs prepare stuff as they taught us various tips and techniques!

Our Menu:
Grilled Bruchetta on crostini
BBQ Chicken salad with pico de gallo and jack cheese
Grilled steak with garlic and herb compound butter
Lyonnaise Potatoes & onions
Grilled pound cake with cherry orange compote with homemade whip cream
We made the appitizer and ate that while we learned to grill chicken the right way! He had a big huge grill, once he grilled it he let it rest while we prepared the salad, then he sliced the chicken and it was so moist and delicious! I know I can grill chicken!
Then we had steaks to grill we each picked our own steak and then learned how to grill beef, no more cutting it to see if it is done, no more poking it with a fork, my steak came out perfect and I grilled it!! A nice shade of pink but no raw! The potatoes were fabulous, I love potaoes and onions anyway, this was a wonderful recipe!
The dessert was so easy and tasted so fabulous! Just butter one side of pound cake slices and grill the butter side down, plate it, and ladle on a fruit compote and whip cream, yummy!!
I was stuffed and have lots of notes to re-write and orginize, all in all is was a very good experience, and I highly recommend to anyone here in Las Vegas!
I am hoping to take more classes in the future!


Colleen Mcgraw said...

What time should we be over for dinner tonight... sounds yummy and you learned so much!

Pat K said...

Before you know it you'll be teaching us "old" cooks a thing or two. Glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Compliments to the chef ~ Bravo, girlfriend!


Mandy said...

Your blog is making me HUNGRY!!!