Saturday, May 23, 2009

UPDATED -The Room!

I re added the photos I think you can click on them to make them bigger, and I did not have a photo showing the wall with the window and my marvin gaye quote so here is the full version!

Well, here it is my new craft room! I still have a little more tweaking to do but this is 98% done. I still need to label all the boxes so I can find stuff and I still need to do some sorting and organizing. I love my music quotes on the walls, I may add one or two more. Overall it is a nice place to work! My tools are on the workbench so my table is free for lots of scrapbooking!

I love my hide away trash can! pulls out while I work and goes away when I am done, i think that is my favorite item so far!

I stamped my "Create" letters, but I think I will paint them solid black, so just more little things to work on!


Mandy said...

Oh, my gosh this looks so awesome!!! I want to see it close up but it won't let me click on the pics?!? Guess you'll just have to invite me over to see it in person! Love the music quotes! You ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

Jackie - this looks SO great! Clean, organized - BEAUTIFUL! You may have forgotten the Marvin Gaye Wall picture, but you sure got the SRV Wall in! :-) Tanya

Amanda said...

This is amazing and so beautiful. You do such great work Jackie and I love the quotes that you've put up!

Ronna said...

Love it, love it, love it!!! Great job Jackie!

Mary said...

WOW!!! OMG Jackie - this is awesome! You are truly a creative cat. I think I'll have to come out this month and work in it with you!