Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh Holy Macaroni!!

Tanya made the copper etched necklace, the tag says "art and life are one" she wire wrapped each link, when I wear it I can feel the love and it has vintage peace sign, freaking cool! Colleen Myl made the beaded ball necklace, the colors are so neat, magenta and teal, I love that from the moment she made it!!! The bling peace sing is a gift from Mary N, and the peaceful heart is from Colleen Mcg, I love my jewelry!!!
Colleen Mcg made me a jean jacket with a peace sign, oh my gosh it is the most amazing gift, she can take beads and turn them into something so special, I can't wait to wear this!! I love love this and I love love her!!! She makes me laugh, we have such fun together! My mentor, my friend!

Oh my lord Mandy!! She really out did herself, I got a whole travel kit sewn by her, I can't wait to pack my suitcase now!! But I had to get this coffee cup pincushion on the blog...she recycles old sweaters into pincushions and purses, (she can make a small fortune if she would sell these) but mine is special it has a hand needle felted peace sign on it, Love this!
More stuff..a summer dress from Mary F, a cat paperweight from Mary N, A bracelet form Pat k that did not make the picture because I had it on my body! A silky sweet night gown from Pat S, a scrapbook purse made by Janet H, Lots of supper cool summer shirts from my Mom in law Margaret!! Oh and how cool is that copper peace sign that will hang in my backyard, that is from super cool Ronna!!!

Wow, bingo was soooo much fun, we laughed and giggled and 3 of us won, Mandy, Patty, and Colleen!! The rest of us, Me, Mary, Pat S, Ronna still had fun and next time will be our lucky day! They spoiled me rotten with the most amazing gifts and lunch (thank you Pat K)!
Later Charlie and I and Chris and Mary went out to dinner at Ventano's (yummy) and then gambled, Mary won 400.00 on wheel of fortune and Chris won some at black jack, but nothing for charlie and I, thats ok, as long as our guests had fun!
I have to say THANK YOU to everyone who sent me cards and made me gifts, I just can't remember a birthday filled with so much LOVE, Although my 40th was pretty special with the cruise we went on with Mary and Joe, gotta love that one!! I was so depressed when I turned 40 but over the past 4 years my 40's have turned out to be something so wonderful becuase of my friends!
I will be sending out Thank you cards, you are all so amazing, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Hugs Love and Peace Out!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you're loved much! Happy Birthday, Jackie - Tanya

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you had such a special birthday Jackie. More presents to come!