Monday, January 26, 2009

The ROOM!!

Charlie left thursday at noon...and thats when I started to tackle this job...I repainted the office/guest room and it took me until he came back home at 7:30am sunday....I love it...I was in such a hurry to get the room stripped and get started I forgot to take before pictures, but trust me it was ugly, blue and tan walls junk piled in there..I tried to create an elvis rat pack themed room but it never worked....This works, Charlie was thrilled and just loves the room!!!
I used our vinyl cutter to make all the quotes and graphics...I will be making some to sell on etsy as that is really popular right now, email me if you are interested in having any made for your own home!

This is what you see as you walk in the room.

This is the first wall, it has charlie's dad's racing photos all black and white and an old photo of ascot park in gardena where charlie started racing.

This is the desk and it has a motivational photo of Ethan in his dads race says "life is tough, wear a helmet".

This is the door that leads to the closet and it has a cat door inside that leads out to toby's litter box that is outside in a kennel. No smell in the house that way!
This is the wall that has Charlie's race photos, and his rookie of the year photo! I added the star because he is my shining star!
This is the last wall, it is not completed, I will add the vinyl saying "our boys and their toys" and it will have Joe racing and Travis derbying photos.
Next room is my craft room, then my bedroom, then we will remodel the will take about 2 years to finish it all.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Jackie - TOO cool! Great job, girl - I'll bet he loved it! Tanya

Amanda said...

Jackie, you did a wonderful job. I remember this room from when you watched Dash for me. It is amazing!

Mandy said...

This looks AWESOME! You are so amazingly talented, you ROCK girl!

Anonymous said...

Jeeze, I wish I had your energy! You did a great job Jackie.
Pat K

Susan said...

Great Job! I especially love the cat door into the closet and then outside to the litter box! I could see training my old guys to go outside to tinkle.