Sunday, September 14, 2008

Put the pedal to the metal!

Go check out and see how my hubby did racing his late model after 18 years out of a race car!!! He had a blast! He is still in one piece and I am thankful for that!

Also Travis won a Trailer race over at Irwindale, CA this weekend as well, he has more fun with those derbies!!! He plowed into a boat someone was towing, gosh, that has to be one way to take out your road rage! They hook on a boat or trailer or camper (Travis had a pop-up camper he named Pop-Tart) and then they drive around and crash into each other until only one is left running!! I hope to have photos soon!

I am on the go all week with dentist, desert newcomer luncheon, mamma mia stay tuned for more fun in the hot desert sun!!!

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