Monday, September 8, 2008

Photoshop beginner!

I have finally taken some time to work in Photoshop. I went online and downloaded some free digital scrapbooking graphics, lots of places supply free stuff or you can buy kits for a few dollars. I saved them, opened photoshop and played with them. I watched a digital scrapbooking video on youtube to get me going on the basics, just search digital scrapbooking on youtube.
So I made my first blog header, I know kinda simple and primitive but it ain't easy!
I will play and play when I can find some more time and I hope to get better and better so I can have real intricate and fun headers!
Stay tuned!!


Colleen Mcgraw said...

Hey ... that looks really great!! I will have to hire you to make me a custom header someday. You are getting really good on this computer stuff my friend.

Anonymous said...

I like it Jackie. You really are good at this--your are our tekkie guru!
Pat K

Amanda said...

This looks really funky and cute. Way to go I have the hardest time with photoshop sometimes.