Monday, August 25, 2008

Mini Vacation!

Over the weekend Charlie and I took off to California for another baseball weekend! This time we found ourselves in Anaheim to see the Angels play. We hooked up with Joe and Mary friday and got to the game at 7:00.
The weather was great for once in my life, it was actually hot in california! I loved it! I did not have to sit ther shivering in the cold! I bought an angel jacket anyway, just in case!
Travis showed up and I caught up with him. Always great to see my son!!

After the game the 4 of us we heaed over to The Lazy Dog restaurant to hang out by the firepits and eat snacks then we dropped joe and mary off and went to our hotel up the street to get some sleep.
Saturday morning we got over to Joe and Mary's, had coffee then went to Arthur's coffee shop for breakfast. Hit the grocery store to buy stuff for the tailgate party we were having before saturdays game.
3:00 saturday we get to the stadium and hook up with the kids, Jim and Shel, Lido and Suzi, and we tailgate, That was FUN!! I had never tailgated before! You set up a little campsite with chairs and tarps and Jim made the best grilled hamburgers! You drink wine and beer out of red plastic cups, then throw it all in the camper and walk to the game at 6:00. Afterward you walk back to the camper and hang out until the parking lot empties and then head home!
What a fun time!
Sunday morning charlie and I hit the road early to get back home.
I miss everyone already and hope we can come back in a month or two and do it all again!

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