Monday, May 5, 2008


We got away to phoenix this past weekend, wow, that was nice!!
We flew into phoenix friday at 2:00 took the shuttle to the windham hotel, very nice place, dropped our bags and met up with deb and leonard then we walked to the ballpark, just a couple blocks, got to chase stadium at 5:00 ate and watched the game, they had fireworks afterwards, it was a real nice day, so warm and I did not need a jacket!! Walked back to the hotel and crashed, charlie fighting the respitory flu the whole time, poor guy was such a trooper!!
Saturday found us meeting up for breakfast (nice) then me and debbie walked right down the block to the convention center, did I mention how great the hotel was!!
No rental car needed at all!!
Got to the hotel and met up with Mandy, shopped from 10-12:30 then went to our classes, me and mandy made a heart wire and bead wrapped pin, I will post a photo once I am done....Deb had a polymer clay bead clas that was very good too!
Once class was over we met up in a local pub to watch the nascar race, ate tons of appitizers and beer and wine, all in all a great time, woke up and ate breakfast at the hotel coffee shop again, nice, then we went our seperate ways. Thank you Debbie and Leonard for a fun time!!
The Stadium opened the roof just for us! That was remarkable!!
I love that the police ride around on horses, how cool is that!! This one was beautiful!!

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Mandy said...

What a fun trip! Beautiful weather, beautiful city, beautiful people & beautiful BEADS!