Thursday, May 29, 2008


It was a busy and expensive week! I had to go to the dentist, a bbq warehouse, and a bead/gem show and it ain't over yet, I still have a root canal and another bead show to go!!
Today is a redo on a root canal at 1:00 and then Friday all the beaders will be at Palace station for the bead show.

The bbq warehouse was a fun little stop on tuesday...there was an island that had just what we needed on it going for 5400.00, got charlie in there and we got it out the door for 4500.00 flat! Pictures will be taken when it arrives in about 10 days.
It has a round bar table with an umbrella hole, a fridge, and a 28" z grill, a little light and paper towel holder. It does not have counter space on both sides of the grill like I wanted but, we are spending 2000.00 less so I guess you have to compromise somewhere!
So check back soon more fun from Viva Las Vegas!

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