Friday, May 23, 2008


Well, I took Charlie to his favorite mexican restaurant for his birthday enchiladas, then he wanted to play bingo...where he won 250.00 in the 2nd chance coverall!
He is sooo lucky at that game! I don't win but I enjoy the game.

Well, on to other news...I watched the finale of american idol.....I like David Cook, he has a nice voice he should do well.... But the highlight was getting to see George Michael!! I have been a big fan, I have seen him in concert and anytime you hear him sing he is great, he just has a classic voice and sound that will go on forever. I love his fast songs (great to workout to..try outside or fastlove) and I love his ballards, (a different corner or waiting for the day)
So here's a little George for ya...enjoy!

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