Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vegas grub!

Just some notes on the food here in las vegas....if you are in the henderson area, run don't walk to Buon Gusto on horizon ridge and eastern in the albertsons parking lot, it is a little hole in the wall next to a subway..skip subway, this food is way worth it!! I have only eaten the chicken parmigian sandwich and the pasta salad but dang that is all I need to survive the rest of my life!! I am not joking this food is real italian made fresh with all the best ingredients...go eat there today!!
Another palce to eat, try the buffet at silverton, we went there to shop at the bass pro shop and ate breakfast there, very good food for a buffet!

Ok back to regular programming!! carry on...

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Mandy said...

I know, this place is so good! When we first moved down here we lived in Seven Hills & we ate there regularly, they even delivered! We live to far away for delivery now, boo hoo! I agree very good grub!