Friday, December 7, 2007

Shopping fun!

Yesterday Colleen McG invited me to go to Ralph Jones with her, ralph jones is a display place but they do christmas displays as well, so if you love to decorate for christmas then this is the place to go! We started off the morning with a wonderful peppermint mocha form starbucks in my very own get to keep the travel mug from Colleen, that was fabulous!
We arrived and I walked into christmas, they had trees decorated in every theme you could want, I loved the Vegas theme tree so I will work on that next year, because we know how much I love Las Vegas! But the Wine tree was cool too! Oh it was great! The one item I had to buy was this snowman for my snowmen decorations, he hangs from our dining room light fan with mistletoe, my polar express bell, my other snowman ornament, he is too cute.

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Mandy said...

I love it! My Mom loves snowmen too, this one is really cute! And I love Ralph Jones at Christmas! Every decoration you could think of, they'll have it!