Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas comes early!

I love to give..I love to find the perfect gift for someone, I love to make just the right gift for someone...but give me something and I am at a complete loss, I get all tongue tied, I am so nervous and my thoughts are all jumbled, I am not comfortable in the receiving department but I can give till the cows come home and I am in my element, I am a true pisces, a giver.
But due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to open presents early..anyone who knows me knows I love to save up all gifts I get until christmas morning, but Travis was here and wanted me to open my presents with him...travis got me Elvis movies and a cd that I do not have..imagine that!! I love them!! Very cool presents!! Then Colleen called and wanted me to come over and open Mandy's gift she made me while Mandy was there...Oh my gosh!! What a gift....Mandy made this Altered album for me..the covers are glass tiles she drilled through and added hardware, and printed quotes on transparences, it is all embellished with charms and chain..Oh it is marvelous, I just can't stop admiring it, even Charlie said WOW, he was very impressed with the tools and hardware she had to use it was very impressive...I just love it, I am just not sure I can bring myself to put anything in it...maybe my 20th anniversary momentos when that happens in 2009! Thank You from the bottom of my heart!! I feel very special to recieve such a treasure! Words cannot describe my joy in having such a gift!

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