Saturday, November 10, 2007

Class #2

Wow, this was a wild class!! We had 8 people working at 3 stations! I made the crystal necklace first, then I moved on to the ring, this is my bluebird of happiness ring, fun ring to make out of sterling silver bezel, with a simple solder and then we drill a hole to hang a little bling, I chose a bird charm and blue crystal, love this!! The third station was very noisy due to the hammering involved, we took 14 guage silver wire and hammered out the end then slipped on a big bead, of course I had cat beads, then hammered the other end and drilled a hole to attach the ear ring piece, but of course I drilled a hole in the bottom part so I had to hang some crystals from the bottom, Hey some mistakes are the best mistakes!! A Big Thank you to Colleen McGraw our jewelry teacher, she is a real trooper and hangs in there with us through all the chaos we heap upon her and her home...we love you more then you will know!!!

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Mandy said...

I love the blue crystal you added, looks really good!