Monday, September 24, 2007


Mary, Carolyn (owns croppinaway) and me!
My bunny, I could not fit in my suitcase so he had to stay there (the 1 foot sculpture costs 1700.00 so we did not even get the price of this 6 foot one!)

The doors to the crop room!

My the fireplace!!

My view out my front door, looks like my sunrise mountain!

The crop room, we had 165 scrapbookers!!

All I can say about my trip was that it was Amazing! The grounds of the LaQuinta were fabulous, the room was wonderful with a fireplace and cushy bed, the food was fantastic, our crop room was large and spacious, we met a lot of fun gals and had the best time we could have.
Oh and the spa was spectacular, I loved my facial and my manicure and pedicure!
I highly recommend this resort for a weekend getaway! Enjoy the pictures!

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Mandy said...

The rabbit is sooo cool! What is is made out of?