Thursday, July 5, 2007

They Warned Me!

They warned me this jewelry thing would take over my life, well it has, during my last 24 hours alone I remodeled the corner of my bedroom to make room for more...I have 6 classes this month to take! I, being the naive little jewelry virgin that I was said in my first couple classes, "Oh I could never sell the jewelry I make" Oh, how they laughed at me for that...and now I sell it on Etsy! Well, you just can't keep it all I now realize, and there may be some poor soul out there yearning for one of my unique special pieces....hahahahahaha......but better safe then sorry so I am putting the stuff out there and will sell some at the Newcomer bazaar this year, must make money for more jewelry classes...did they warn me this may be a never ending cycle

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