Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No news is good news...

I have been busy cleaning and organizing the house in the mornings and working afternoons with boss.
We usually finish up around 5 and then head out to grab some dinner, Olive Garden, Lucille's, I took him over to try Chapala's on tropicana and pecos, that is a great authentic mexican restaurant, the food tastes very fresh and it seems like the kitchen is full of mexican grandma's in there cooking all the real food...give it a try! It is nice to have restaurants to go to where you are not bothered with smoking and slot machines, we still like our sunday's at the mexican restaurant in boulder station where we play keno, drink beer and wine and eat tons of chips and salsa!
Ok Gotta get some more housework done, got 2 classes coming up this week so stay tuned for more jewelry!

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