Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ebay Let's shop!

Ok, Got some auctions going up on ebay they will start around 8:00 tonight, , click my link to my ebay store on the left.
I was not feeling well this weekend and was able to stay home and get lots of stuff done. I missed my silver art clay class on saturday, the guitar pick, I am very upset about that and I hope colleen will offer it again but it is a unique piece that not a lot of people will want to make.
I may have to try it on my own. We will see.
I am going to put more stuff up for auction tonight, I am trying to earn enough to buy these special pliers for making chainmaille, the set of 6 pliers runs about 150.00 to 200.00!!! So shop till you drop...hahaha!
Got say congratulations to my friend Ronna and her friend James and their dog Roxie, they won a contest for dog and owner look alike! They won a big flat screen tv!!

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Pat K said...

Jackie, I was still on chemo & I took my 89 year old friend to their pancake house. She ate half of hers & I ate all of mine--we were both sick as dogs that night. I called CCHD and they checked it out and cited the restaurant for a number of violations.