Friday, July 25, 2014

Guy's restaurant review

We are locals in Las Vegas and decided to try out Guy's new restaurant. It is over at the Linq, which is an outdoor mall, hang out, bars, restaurants, the High roller ferris wheel is there, fun place. Next to the Flamingo hotel. Highly recommended checking it out, we are really digging it and have gone 3 weeks in a row now on our date nights.

Back to the Guy, we were seated in the back along the windows. I ordered wine, came in a whisky/water glass, I was told no wine glasses available. Wine does not drink well in a whisky glass, no wonder it was not delicious, And for 11.00 it should taste great! My wine came with a gnat floating in it. I just removed it and continued on. Watching Survivor programs teaches you it's ok to eat a bug once in awhile. Don't throw a fit right way and ruin the experience.

 But then we noticed quite a few gnats flying around us, we kept swatting them. Then there was a bee/wasp flying around inside the window, told a waiter (not ours) he said "oh I hate those and never came back or did anything about the bee/wasp. We ate and left. Don't think we will be recommending or go back. They need to do something about the insects and the wine, if you serve bad wine at least lower the price!

The Food: We had the nachos with chorizo, good but then they killed them with feta cheese, feta is to be used sparingly as it is strong, but No, they piled it on, I think it is the only time I have ever seen my hubby not finish off a plate of nachos! We split the Bbq pulled pork sandwich and yes it was fabulous, the meat was so smokey, I loved it, but that was only one plus with a lot of negatives!

Found out later at the Tilted Kilt, I can have my wine for 5.00!! We will be trying that place next, will let you know how the food is!
Stay tuned!


Colleen Mcgraw said...

what a bummer, we watch Guy all the time.

Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

Too bad, dude...I hate when you have high expectations and it turns out they don't have wine glasses! :-) Sorry about the gnats AND the food - eat at Sprinkles next time!