Friday, June 13, 2014

1st stop Sweden!

A cruise ship that was following us into Stockholm.
First stop on the cruise:
Stockholm, Sweden, our excursion:
To tour the Archipelago and have lunch!
The harbor opens up to 24,000 islands, the Vikings passed through these waters long ago!
We toured a little town called Vaxholm, crossed the water on a bus that was on a ferry, to Rindo, a short drive to Varmdo where we had a wonderful lunch on a farm called Siggesta Gard, there were horses and ponies, and goats and chickens. We ate salmon, potato salad, coffee and cookies, and Ligonberry juice, yum! Back on the bus to Gustavsberg Hamn  (Harbor) they have a porceline factory, I loved Sweden and the water and the boats!

Street signs in Vaxholm

My first time on a bus on a ferry!

Love the food here

Ligonberry juice is like cranberry juice but not as bitter

Christy and Jeff with the horses

I love little harbors

The Factory, it was real hot in there

They showed us the history of the porceline bowl

The harbor sign
Back to the ship, dinner at 6 and then wine and good music in the bar by a great piano player named Roxy, he sang some good ones and always sang Christy's requests!

Next stop: Tallinn, Estonia


Dasha said...

I loved Vaxholm. Such a pretty little village. Enjoyed the whole of my time in Sweden. Enjoy the trip.

Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalisty said...

I'd love to go! Thanks for sharing your journey

Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

Trip of a lifetime, Chica! So cool!

Sara said...

I love Sweden! Is one of my favourite countries and I think I'm very lucky to have a swedish boyfriend, because I see things from the inside as well. Your pictures are so nice, it must have been an amazing cruise!

Mary said...

Sweden looks beautiful. It's always fun to spend time in the local area. Glad you had fun.

Tisha Dolton said...

Wonderful! I'd love to visit Sweden some day.