Saturday, April 5, 2014


Well I did it. Only took about 3 hours! I decided on This youtube video:
 to help me make the pasta. Worked like a charm! But rolling it out was a real chore! Then I made the olive garden copy cat portobella mushroom recipe with sun dried tomato sauce because I love that sauce.
Could not get the link to work so just do a search on Everyone complained the sauce was way to thick and sure enough mine came out to thick as well, even though I tried for it not to!
Oh well, I was very proud that my ravioli's held up as I boiled them and the sauce did taste very close to OG's but, yes, too thick.
Not sure I will attempt this again, I am exhausted and I have to clean up the mess!!

So in closing I only recommend making your own if you have a pasta roller, and a live in maid! "Alice, there's a surprise in the kitchen for you!"

Bon Appetite!
Flour on the floor and me! Thank goodness I have a full supply of aprons!

Rav's are boiling and the sauce just gets thicker!

Not too shabby, but with an olive garden 1 mile from my house, I won't do this again!!
Especially since I can duplicate their chicken scampi and zuppa toscana soup without fail!



lynn cockrell said...

Your ravioli does look really good. I would love to try making pasta, but like you said, I would have to have a machine to attempt it. I have been longing for the pasta attachment for my Kitchen Aid, but they are SO expensive and I would feel like I had to use it all the time, for sure, to feel justified in buying one.

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend!

Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

Great job, Chica - and a little flour on the floor never hurt anyone!

Jen Ham said...

They look absolutely divine! xo Jen