Thursday, January 16, 2014

About time!

American-Idol-Judges-Season-13.jpg (950×534)
American idol is back and they finally figured out that it should be about the music and not the over inflated egos of the judges!!

I can resume watching, now that the bat crap crazy people are gone, yeah, I am talking about Minaj, and Mariah, the idiot divas that have no business in the business any more! They are so far into themselves they will never be found!

OK, got that off my shoulders....on to better things!

The judges are great, Keith, Jennifer, and Harry! They care about people, they care deeply for music and the preservation of it! I Love Harry as an actor, ever see the Jodie Foster movie he did, he was great, check it out, Little Man Tate.

I really enjoyed watching them judge last night on the opening show, they have fun, they hate hurting peoples feelings, and they know when they hear something special in someones voice! I can't wait to see what happens at the end!!

So if you were one of the ones who followed Idol until they lost their way, try it again, I think it will be a good show again!

OH, one more thing...if you are a person who thinks you could be a singer, study up on music, not just one singer, learn it all, from the greats of every genre to the obscure, don't just sing the latest hit that everyone is sick of hearing, search out a classic oldie but goodie, a song that stands the test of time, then sing your heart out with it, you may go far! AND it is ridiculous that these young people who say they love music, have no idea who Harry Connick Jr is!!! UGH! You do not care about music if you only know the top ten!! Jeepers!!!

Ok, I am done.....
Carry on....


My Garden Diaries said...

I agree with you...if we are going to change the direction of music and improve the overall quality these shows have a responsibility to do just that. Care about it and focus on what it is all about! And Harry is just a dream!! Love his work!!! Have a great weekend friend!!!

Bead and Needle said...

I don't think I can go back, but I'm glad they fixed it for you, Chica!!! And there are people who don't know who Harry Connick, Jr. is???????? Now I KNOW I can't go back.

PS ("Copycat", with Sigourney Weaver - he played a creepy serial killer - excellent performance)

Mary said...

I've loved him since "Red Light, Blue Light". Been a fan forever! I cannot believe people don't know him! Hope the season doesn't disappoint!

Tisha Dolton said...

Completely agree! I studied voice in college for 3 years. It irritates me how little people know about supporting your sound by proper breathing techniques. So glad Harry is bringing attention to that fact!

~ Toni ~ said...

100% agree with you on this. I stopped watching Idol and when I heard Harry was going to be on it. There was no question about watching again. It drove me nuts that so many of those auditioning did not know who Harry Connick Jr was. I look forward to following your blog and thank you for stopping by mine, (Easy Street Ramblings). Have a great week, Toni

Caitlin Jordan said...

I know what you mean about the music today. There is so much broad music and so many people haven't played or heard any of it. I'm in a symphony orchestra and I'm constantly getting surprised by the variety of the music and the sound. Then I start playing jazz. p.s. (everytime I hear someone say jeepers at the moment I start hearing Louis Armstrong singing Jeepers creepers where'd you get those peepers. :D )

Nice too meet you by the way :D