Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Derby King/Prince??

My son is a derby car driver, he got that trait from his father, Bill, he was the Derby King of Ascot Raceway in California years and years I guess that makes Travis the Derby Prince? Anyway, On New Years eve they had a Derby in Orange County, this is the car Travis built and drove, the paint job won him Best in Show! He finished 5th in the race due to getting stuck on another car and was unable to move any longer! I think it is so cool that he can go out and play and have fun crashing up cars, what a way to unwind after working all week! hahaha!!
The car!
The hood, too cute!
After the derby!
The trophy for BEST OF SHOW CAR!

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Bead and Needle said...

Looks like he has a future as a "tagger", also...too fun, Jackie! Love the evil snowman...and the tires!