Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I need a little inspiration for my upcoming trip, 3 days in Spain and 7 days cruising the ports of Italy.
I came across this trip/challenge: The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge.
Wow, that has got to be one amazing trip. This year's challenge starts in Las Vegas and ends in New York! I am hoping to get my hubby to take me to see them start off this Sunday, I will take some photos! I really need a boost of confidence, I know all I need is tattooed on my wrists, but I am still getting a little nervous. How to pay for taxis, how to order from menus and pay my bill correctly, oh, I have a million questions that keep me up at night and I still have a month to wait!!
I will look forward to seeing these men and women head out on their journey across the US with nothing more then their motorcycles and the stars in the heavens to guide them!!
Good Luck everyone and how about a little luck for me too!!
Here is the url for the video:


Colleen said...


Hey, you will be fine and you will be with other peeps who can assist and you down loaded the apps so CHILL!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

I have traveled all over the world and never once had a problem with taxis or ordering food will be fine the places you will be going to are all geared toward the average tourist ....most who have NEVER traveled before.

Ronna said...

You are worrying about it too much. English is the common language all over the world. We're going to have too much worries!