Monday, August 23, 2010

It's been a Rockin' Good Time!

When I got home from my cruise, Tanya scored tickets to Ted Nugent out in Primm, so Tanya, Erin and I piled in her car and went out to see the old rocker....Uh, someone forgot to tell old Ted he is 62! He rocked that house!! He was amazing, and loud, but it was all worth it to hear him sing "Stranglehold".
Wow, that was a fun concert!

Next on our list: The one and only, MeatLoaf!!!
This was a rushed ticket buying, so it ended up just me and Tanya going, I had called her from Phoenix when I saw Meatloaf was playing in our town but she had to get online and grab them by noon that she grabbed two tickets and we sat 10th row center stage! That was fantastic! He is also an old rocker, but he was fun and entertaining and we all had a blast singing along to "You took the words right out of my mouth, it must have been while you were kissing me" He really played with the crowd on that one! I am so glad I got to see him! I just knew he would be great, and as a bonus we got to see his daughter Pearl play before him, she is a little rocker herself, she slowed it down to play a Bonnie Raitt song, a huge favorite of mine as well, Angel from Montgomery, that was beautiful!

Ok, One more for August:
My Chris Isaak, he is so dreamy.....I love, love, his music! Again it was just me, Tanya and Erin, everyone was afraid it would be too hot for an outdoor show, boy, they missed the best Isaak show ever!
His music is perfect music for lounging at the pool...which in this case, we actually were lounging by the pool! He played at the M resort in Henderson, this is a gorgeous outdoor venue. A beautiful pool, then seating and the stage, he went on at 9pm and the soft lighting and little breeze off the pool water was just perfect! He was made for this place and he sang his heart out for us, as usual, this is about my 20th time to watch him and he never ceases to mesmerize me!
What a Rockin' Good Time August has been, thanks to my husband and family and friends, you fill my life with Peace, Love and Music!

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Bead and Needle said...

A ROCKIN' good time, it HAS been - my head is still spinning from everything we've seen in the past two weeks! Thanks for sharing the music with me, Jackie!

I notice you said nothing about the detour through UNLV...