Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy half away until birthday!

il_340x270.541988981_syhr.jpg (340×270)
Just had a marks the day of 6 more months until my 50th birthday!! HOLY MOLY!!!
I can't be 50??? I feel 30ish...this is so unfair....

But what do we do????


Put our big girl panties on and deal with it.

679629f.jpg (800×800)

I am not changing a thing about me, I love me, I am comfortable in my own skin, I am proud of the fact that I have been married over 25 years, to the same man, hahahaha! Is has not been a walk in the park but I love that big guy very much!

Ok, hope I am here to see you all in 6 months, we will have a toast with wine and hope for another fabulous 50 years!
champagne-toast-630.jpg (630×505)

Enjoy the day!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A little get away!

We had to travel to Needles for a big rig and trailer claim, so the hubby said lets go back and hang out at the river for Saturday.
I jumped at the chance, so hard to get him away for anything but racing!
We got a rental boat to use while there, that was fun!
Packed some drinks and sandwich stuff and off we went, it was so beautiful and warm. He had his friend, David and his girlfriend, Sonia, show up Saturday, they hung out with us at the channel.

Saturday at 5:00 we said goodbye to them, took the boat back, went to the hotel room for a quick shower and off we went to the naked turtle bar for some appetizers and drinks. We sat there until dark, the full moon beaming off the water, listening to some classic rock music and just relaxing.

We talked about if we wanted to own a boat or just rent one every time we wanted a little river r&r. Renting is the best fit for us, we never know when we get to get away. Nice to have an option like that for when we do go play on the water.

The boat we got was a 24 foot deck boat, it was used up and wore out, but served it's purpose for the day. We cruised all over the lake and channel...

The boat we had was like the one on the left

The London Bridge

Captain: Chuck

First Mate: Chunky Monkey
( I need to learn to photoshop like the celebrities!)
Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

BBQ chicken pizza!

Super simple, super delicious and a couple ingredients.
I usually order bbq chicken pizza if I go to claim jumper or bj's restaurant, it is so good!
So I decided to give it a try at home!
You need:

Not going to take measurements, just add as much as you want!

1 can Pillsbury pizza dough, I got the thin crust. It really has a nice flavor, or make your own!
Some chopped cooked chicken, I always make my own, grill or roast chicken breast and chop, then I have it on hand when I need a fast lunch or dinner.
Some cilantro chopped
Some bbq sauce, I use sweet baby ray's, sweet and spicy, but it is really spicy so if you are not into that choose wisely.
Mozzarella cheese grated.
Some red onion chopped.

Pre cook the pizza dough for about 10 minutes, add your toppings and cook until golden brown and bubbley!

See that easy! And Dang, it was yummy!!!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Camera Straps!

I have been busy working on a new project, unique one of a kind camera straps!
I hated the camera strap that came with my canon powershot, it rubbed my neck raw, I knew there had to be a solution.
I searched online and saw many beautiful straps on Etsy but none that really spoke to me and what I like.

So I bought a book and was going to make my own camera strap and matching camera bag, well, I got a strap made,  but the bag and strap pattern from the book was too daunting. Had to come up with my own simple strap version.
My Retro Strap, unique to me!

My Monkey strap to match my monkey purse!

Wolves and Minnie

Western and Nautical

Maps and Honey Bees

Starburst pattern and Sailing the Seas
I thought there has to be others like me who want a camera strap unique to them, so I made some that are different than what you would find on Etsy, and I added some cool buttons to dress them up, I also offer the chance to email me and tell me what you want for your camera strap, so if you have a certain fabric/theme in mind, let me know, I will do my best to find a fabric that speaks to you and your uniqueness! I will not make the same strap twice, so that you will always have your own unique to you strap!

They are padded and comfortable so you can have your camera on all day! The ends are 3/8 inch wide straps and fit most DSLR cameras. I used fake leather, so no animals were harmed in the making of my strap!

If you would like your very own unique to you strap just head over to my shop at

Remember to always "Make Love, Not War"
Hugs, jackie

Friday, August 29, 2014

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Have I shared Buffalo Chicken salad with you???
I had a friend (Tanya) over for crafty crap day, we just sit around and work on projects and I make lunch and we just talk and bullshit as girlfriends do...
I was making my camera straps and she was beading, I decided to make our favorite lunch from sunset station cafe, buffalo chicken salads..

salad.jpg (275×250)
Easy peasy!

Take a head of lettuce and cut it into 4ths. then bake some buffalo spiced chicken pieces (from the frozen food section) in the oven, once done, plate the lettuce wedges and plop some chicken pieces on top, add some blue cheese dressing, bacon bits and red onion bits..serve, walaaa...yummy lunch.

I will share my camera straps on sunday, they will be in my etsy store, I hope you like them!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Scrapbooking weekend!

I joined my sister in San Diego for a scrapbooking weekend.
It was put on by let's just say Patti knows how to throw a party!

The La Jolla Marriott
Wow, the hotel was amazing, the crop room was amazing, the people were all nice and friendly!
What a nice relaxing weekend!
The pool was warm and relaxing we took advantage of the great weather and the pool!
This is my first time working in the 12x12 album. After the last 2 cruises, I realized I am missing out on putting so much more in my books, so I took a leap of faith and moved on up to the 12x12 for my Scandinavia cruise.
I think I did ok...

We were booked at the La Jolla Marriott. Starbucks was just a few yards away, so that kept the scrapbookers happy! Just a quick note, scrappers love their starbucks so make sure you have one near by to keep them from forming a mob against you!
Sister Scrappers!

Me in the crop room!
We had too much fun scrapping and playing all weekend, next stop Ontario Scrapbook Expo!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

My camera strap...

I bought a book to make a camera bag and camera strap, but as usual patterns are too overwhelming and daunting for me, I am not that great at sewing when it comes to bags or clothes. I made quilt tops for years and quilts are usually straight lines and blocks, so I was pretty good at that. But the whole pattern thing and matching seams, UGH...
I asked my friend who is an expert seamstress (Tanya) to help me out, but we ended up just making our own pattern for a cute camera strap. We will attempt a camera bag some other day.

I had this fabulous fabric I had been dying to use on something, it is so retro and I love retro things.
After the strap was finished I thought it needed something more, I got my button stash out and we worked out some cute ones, I just love how it all turned out! I even used the parts of the strap that were on the strap that came with the camera!

Now I can wear my camera with pride and know I have my very own unique strap, I can't wait to take it to the scrapbook crop I am attending later this month!