Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Getting ready for the holidays!

Got lots of new items in my Etsy store for the holiday shoppers. I love shopping online, nothing like sitting in your jammies with a hot cup of coffee shopping for fun things on ebay and etsy and amazon...
I especially love free shipping, and that is why I ALWAYS offer free shipping in my Etsy shop!!

Here are some of my favorites I added:
A vintage looking Santa hanging gifts on the tree, love the jingle bell hanging with this!

Santa and his silver Christmas bell

Oh my gosh, a sweet little snowman that will never melt in this little jar!

SongBird harmonica necklace, yep, that harp will play you a tune!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Fall is in full swing!

Been busy making stuff for my Etsy store, Christmas is coming and Etsy is so quick and easy to shop at, plus I offer free shipping! How easy is that...

Here is a beautiful necklace I made this week:
I love the bell, I just like the little jingle it will make as you wear it, fun and pretty!

Look forward to more cool items to be added soon....

I got to go scrapbooking with my sister, Ontario Calif....
We shopped and ate too much as usual, but we had fun....
We took a card making class...

The theme was Rock of Ages, I wore my Pink Floyd shirt!
We are wearing our little hats we made for charity! Too fun!
Hope you are making the most of your cool fall days.....

Friday, October 27, 2017

Whew, sorry I took a little break!

I have been busy traveling and taking classes, crocheting....

Oh where to begin??

I had a concert to go to, Joe Bonnamassa at Caesers Palace. I met up with Tanya for dinner. We went to Gordan Ramsey's pub and had meat pies, I had beef and Tanya had the chicken, wow, they were great!
Joe B...Played his heart out, he is truly an amazing guitar player and singer!

I also got a little gift from Tanya's yarn business:
a skein she dyed called Wine Wednesday..just for me!

She has an online store

and she sells locally here at

also if you are near Englewood, Colorado, they sell her yarn there: Wooden Spools


I tried my hand at a little Amigurumi, making stuffed animals in knit or crochet...
a cat, imagine that!
He needs one more leg!
He is not perfect and still a little wonky but I am getting better!

I had my big bingo tournament to go to, 2 days of bingo where they have 25,000 and 50,000 jackpots plus 1000.00 games and 5000.00 games you can win....
Yes, I won a 1000.00 game and so did my friend Debbie that comes to town for the bingo.
We had fun eating and playing, you get free meals, buffets box lunches, really good food too!

So that has been my busy October and there is still more to come, I have a cooking class on Monday to go to One pan sheet pan meals, should be a good one!! I will let you know.

Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Boho Purse! I made this!! Can you believe that??

First and foremost, my heart is breaking for everyone suffering today due to a suicidal rampage shooter here in Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay is one of my favorite places to go have staycations at, I am sure they will improve on their security measures and will continue to be my go to place for concerts and spa days!! Las Vegas is safe...this was just a crazy person that could have gone off anywhere.
I love my city and pray that we heal quickly from this horrible tragedy!

As always...Life goes on, today I finished one of my projects that was sitting around, I think October will be my month to finish all "works in progress" So let's see how many I can get done this month, 1 down and plenty more to go!!

I have to thank for the inspiration, so many great patterns there!!
This pattern is called Urban Gypsy Boho Bag by Jess Coppum

If you would like to see more my name is Onecreativecat over on ravelery the best place for knitters and crocheters to play!

I would also like to thank Tanya for the material for the lining and she helped me when I got confused in the piecing of the panels......but it was an easy pattern to follow, the confusion was just my own issues...
I found an old belt at the antique mall for 12.00 and made the handle out of it.....I can't wait to go to a concert with this baby!! I still can't believe I made this!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Whirlwind weekend...AGAIN!

 Christy had a pet sitting job in Ojai, CA, I flew to Lax and then we headed to Ojai on Friday...
Her client has a beautiful home in the cozy little town, tons of trees and critters, it was pure heaven to sit on the patio and enjoy our wine....

On Saturday we had horseback riding and a pottery class, plus we wanted to walk the downtown area where they have a full street of cute little shops and boutiques....

 We went on a 2 hour ride through the mountains, our guide was Adrian and Pinto, Christy had a horse named Charly and I had Johnny Ringo, he was super gentle and sweet!

Then we went shopping in town and then went to our pottery class at Fire Stick Pottery, where we made really cute bowls, we will get them in about a month after they get glazed and fired.

Dinner, oh man, if you ever ever get near Ojai, run don't walk to The Ojai Beverage looks like a store for liquor but in the back they have a restaurant, gourmet burgers and food...Try the Cow on Stilts or the Firehouse burger, YOU must eat the Mushroom duo appetizer, damn good stuff!

The salad and in house made dressing was the best I ever had!

Sunday we had breakfast at Eggs and Potatoes, great food there too....Then we went for a hike up a very steep mountain, they had rock formations, we added a couple of our own along the way.

we hit the Farmers market that was going on in town, we fed the cats and headed home....WOW, that was a super cool fun weekend!!

Monday, September 18, 2017


I have been enjoying The Masterchef show this good, I really thought Cate was going to win but she got booted last week...UGH! Don't really like the 3 that are left Eboni, Dino, Jason...but I will go with Jason, because he has the best attitude of them all....such a nice guy, and happy all the time!

So I really wanted to try a chocolate souffle after watching them make some a couple weeks ago...

Wow, it was not hard at all and Baby doll, (Dino reference there!) my husband loved it!!!

I can only eat a couple bites as chocolate does not sit well with me....but what I did taste was sooooo yummy!!!

I made a healthy dinner of Salmon, rice pilaf, and green beans, then made the souffles with homemade whip cream to go with....Wow, I impressed myself! That is Sangria in my glass, goes well with chocolate!


I am not sure which dish I will try next....hmmmm?????

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Palm Springs Scrappin-Escapes!

Palm Springs Tram: My sister picked me up from LAX and we headed towards PS, we stopped to ride the tram up to the top of San Jacinto mountain, That was so much fun! You travel up to 8,516 feet, it takes 10 minutes to go up the 2 1/2 miles. You are in a huge tram that can hold 80 people, the floor rotates for spectacular views!

If you would like more information on riding this tram go to :

On to the Scrapbooking......

Wow, this was an amazing get away with Patti and the whole Scrappin-Escapes gang!

We arrived Thursday night and stayed at the Renaissance resort, it was just me and Christy, we had the whole huge resort pool to ourselves, with the season over and everyone back in school and work, the place was all ours!
We swam, had a nice dinner and some wine.....

Friday morning we found the best little coffee shop for breakfast, Louise's kitchen, wonderful food!

We packed up and headed to The Hyatt Regency Resort, Oh my Goodness, this place was so gorgeous! We walked the paths through the resort, simply stunning, I have decided Resort Vacations are they way to go!!!

We scrapbooked all day, then hit the bar for happy hour food, fish taco and a burger, perfect!

Saturday, we were supplied with a breakfast buffet, scrapbooked all day, then went to the restaurant: Lantana, where we shared a fabulous spinach and mushroom pizza and more wine!

Sunday we packed up and headed home....So much fun packed in one weekend!

Christy scrapadoodling!

Me and a latte having fun!

Me and a huge cactus, my morning coffee...

Patti spoils us rotten!

Palm Springs, I miss you already!!!
I hope we can go back there again next year!