Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Living La Vida Las Vegas!

People often wonder if we live in casinos, or if we are all gambling addicts and alcoholics.

No, not all of us. Some people should not live here, that is true. if you can't control the demons inside you, this place could be bad, bad, news.

We met a man whose wife had spent every dime they had gambling, he tried to use the ATM to get money, did not work, went in the bank and found out he had nothing left it was all gone and the credit cards were maxed out!
He threw her out and had to sell all his/her belongings to start over, we bought my hubbies work car from him over 5 years ago, that helped him out a lot. I think he is doing fine now. But I am sure he will never leave the woman in charge of money and if he does remarry, he will make sure she does not have a "problem".

So how do you live here? What do you do???
We live in a suburb and we own our own collision estimating business.

And, just like living anywhere, you have a budget so you know how much you can spend on bills and entertainment.
Our entertainment happens on Sunday or Friday, we like to play some keno, hang out shoot pool, and play the jukebox, we like our little bar, we know everyone and they know us, kinda like Cheers!

But you have to stick to your budget,  if your budget is tight that month, you just go to dinner and a movie or you stay home watching reruns of Reba, because Van and Barbara Jean make you laugh out loud, a lot!

You can make adjustments, there are many free things to do in this city, we have the whole strip where you can spend the day walking around looking at all the sites, my favorite thing to do! I can wander around the big hotels all day if you let me! Just stop for a snack and drink plenty of water, oh, and wear comfortable shoes!
I recently went to the Bellagio with Tanya to see the spring display in the conservatory, it had tons of flowers and a butterfly house! Check out the gorgeous photos over at Tanya's blog:
Here are a couple I took:

We have Lake Mead/Hoover Dam practically in our backyard, or we have Red Rock canyon where you can hike and picnic, boating all day in summer on Lake Mead and skiing Mount Charleston all winter!

It is an amazing place to live and I wouldn't trade it for anything!


Bead and Needle said...

It is a pretty great place to live, and LOTS to do outside the casinos - not that there's anything wrong with that!! Our Vegas Tourist Day was SO much fun the other day - glad we're going to make a regular event of it!

P.S. YOUR pictures are just as good as mine, Chica - you make me smile!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

Via Las Vegas for sure

My Garden Diaries said...

I have never been to Las Vegas but I need to go!!! It sounds like so much fun to walk the strip and see all the shops! Like anything or anywhere moderation is so important! The conservatory shots are awesome! That is definitely somewhere I would want to visit! Have a great week!

Hindustanka said...

Hello, Jackie! I loved the way you told about Las Vegas - a dream city to be and live for many people. I loved that dam view! It is breath taking! so you can see it from your back yard? I'd love to visit USA some day and will surely do!
Have s fab week and I saw Tanya's photos of Bellagio - spectacular!