Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recipe fails

So I have been trying some new recipes but they have not really worked out so no posting them!
One was the dorito chicken cassarole, you see that pop up on pinterest a lot, well, don't bother it was horrid! Now, I am a huge fan of doritos, so much in fact I will not buy them or allow them in my house because I can devour the whole bag, it is like crack, I am telling you!! So I just do not have them around. No worries that way! but I saw the cassarole and thought, oh I must try that for winter...ewww! It was gross, and I did try not to eat much of the doritos, I actually crushed them up used what I needed and threw the rest in the trash!! I am such a good "recovering dorito crack" addict!

I also tried a recipe for artichoke, spinach pasta dish. Oh, I thought that has to be heaven on my plate, no way, really boring, I am talking really boring! Oh, then I tried a bread recipe for breadsticks like olive garden to go with my awesome olive garden salad recipe, listed a few posts ago, yeah that one I got right!!. Well, the recipe for breadsticks did not work! They used canned breadsticks and brushed them with garlic butter, nope, did not taste like olive gardens!! I will keep trying and let you know when I find a winner!
FAIL! OG does not get their bread from a can!! Yucky!


Bead and Needle said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - you crack me RARELY have anything fail - now you have three! I'll bet none of them were as bad as you are saying!

Mary said...

I cannot believe you had anything go wrong! You're such a good cook!!

Glad you are trying all those pinterest recipes for me! I mostly avoid them because they have too much sugar and fat in them. Like Tanya, I'm sure they weren't as bad as you are saying!