Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alaska Cruise!

I was lucky enough to go on an alaskan cruise, paid for last year when business was good, business is still very slow but I have some wonderful memories to share of this fabulous trip, a trip I will be forever grateful to my wonderful husband who lets me go off on wild adventures!
My sister and jeff, a friend ronna and myself headed out of Seattle to board royal caribbean ship: rhapsody of the was a scrapbook cruise put on by and we had an amazing teacher with us, the one and only Teresa Collins of she is an amazing person and so giving of herself!
So it may take a few post to get all this journey out so bare with me! It was 7 days...I went whale watching, dog sledding on top of a galcier, and more whale watching!

Whale tail

dog sledding (I am in the middle)

Teresa Collins!
What an amazing trip I had, stay tuned for more!


Pat K said...

Beautiful pictures Jackie. Can you understand now why I love the northwest so much? It's cold most times but so beautiful and you captured it all very well.

Bead and Needle said...

Can't wait for more...sounds like the trip of a lifetime!

MOM said...

I'm glad you returned safe and sound and didn't fall overboard or freeze your little tushie on the glacier. Great whale pix, Christy must have been absolutely giddy, seeing all those whales!! Just the thing for you two "water babies", Aquarius & Pisces!

Colleen said...

The pictures were fantastic and glad you had a wonderful time! The northwest is beautiful but could you live with rain most of the time = no, you could not and I couldn't either but I do love the northwest but not for 12 months!!!