Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Jewelry, cards, and more....

Gorgeous summers here in Las Vegas....
I have been busy playing in my craft room, took a jewelry class, I just had to make the silver and copper cuff, it is very nice!
The jewelry teacher lives not too far from me, you can find her at www.beadmetaler.blogspot.com

Here are the things that are keeping me busy:

Beautiful desert sky:

Making cards:
I sent this to K.Werner, she is a very inspiring art teacher on youtube.

Coloring in a book called The Coloring Studio:
Used my alcohol markers from blick to color this.

Making decals for mine and my sisters car, using my cricut:
Got the girl at a scrapbook retreat, I added the camera and cat using my cricut.

Painting with watercolors:
Galaxy background painted to use on a card but I think I will frame it and keep it!

Learned watercolor blending technique

And making jewelry:
You need a hydraulic press and lots of tools and stamps for this work, it was so fun to make!

Well, I hope everyone else is keeping busy....whew....fun in the Vegas sun!
Happy Summer!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lucilles bbq copy cat?

My hubby loves to eat at Lucille's BBQ restaurant....me too, because it is next door to green valley resort and casino so it usually means I get to go to bingo after dinner..always a fun time!

But I can cook Lucille's at home if money is tight and we need to stay on budget...we love some BBQ chicken...

My friend Colleen Myler taught me to make homemade mac n cheese...I never look at the box stuff ever again....and hubby can't eat any one's but mine now!

so here you have BBQ chicken legs, thigh and leg, homemade mac and cheese, and homemade coleslaw...so good. I love this dinner during summer....one of our favorites...

Hope you all are having a great summer...cooking and vacationing....
Happy summer......

Friday, July 21, 2017

Our Annual San Diego Vacation..Year 4

July, time to escape the heat:  115* weather here in Las Vegas during July.
So we head out to San Diego for fishing and baseball.
We take our grandson Ethan with us and he and grandpa can go ocean fishing, this time they did the all day boat, which was a nightmare for them, but they tried it, hated it, and will go back to 1/2 day boat from now on.

Thursday we left, I had to fly because Charlies car makes me car sick, I flew in got our room at the Marquis Marriott and got settled in, then they arrived a couple hours later and we went to dinner at the Harbor House, great place to eat on the boardwalk, after dinner they had to pack up and get on the fishing boat. They departed at 9pm and would arrive back Friday at 6pm.

They thought they would be able to fish all night and day but nope, they had to try to sleep in tiny bunks until they got way out in the ocean, at dawn they got up got to fish a couple hours then head back..so they paid a boatload of money for the same time fishing as a 1/2 day boat!! BUT Ethan did catch a 16 pound tuna all by himself!

Friday while they were fishing, I awoke to have a wonderful buffet breakfast at the Marriott, gourmet food served there, it was nice that we got breakfast included with the room, that food was wonderful, one morning I had new york strip steak with hollandaise/crab meat sauce, I am still craving that today, it was amazing!

Then I headed out to walk the boardwalk and shop in the shops, later I got back to the room and headed to the pool area, gorgeous pool area there as well, I soaked up some sun and drank a pina colada (because that's what you do while lounging poolside, right?) after that I dressed and walked back to the harbor house for a shrimp and lobster roll, salad and a glass of wine. Ahhhh, I love being on vacation!

At 8pm the boys got back, they showered and Ethan went to bed, but Charlie was wired so him and I went down to the Tequila bar for a drink, sat by the fire pit and he talked of their adventure at sea!

Saturday arrived, mmmm, more breakfast buffet! Then we rode the big Seal bus (stands for Sea and Land) because the bus goes from land to sea, yep, turns right into a boat with out having to get off the bus!! The tour guide Jack was so funny and full of tons of information about San Diego, we drove then sailed around the harbor to see the sea lions, they were lounging on the bait tanks out in the ocean.

Saturday night arrived and we headed to the Petco park to watch the Padres play the Giants, yeah, go Buster Posey!!! The Padres won, which is great, it is not about who wins or loses, it is all about being there!!

Sunday we packed up checked out, (but not before eating the delicious buffet again! We parked the car and went to the early game, left a little early to get on the road home, I did the car ride and was doing ok being in the front seat, we made it home, and that was the end of our annual San Diego trip!

The boat bus!

The Harbor House

The view from our room!
View I had having my dinner on the boardwalk!

Watching Posey Catch!

I really had a fun time, even though I was playing on the rocks finding crabs so Ethan could fish, and while escaping the waves I bashed my toe and really messed it up....But this little crab enjoyed eating some bbq potato chips with me!

He says "Thanks for lunch"
Well, I hope you get out and have some fun, go somewhere, do something, life is short and time is flying by...so glad we get these times together!

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Pearl Dude!


I was surfing around YouTube looking for nautical card ideas for my stamping and card making....and I came across this video about pearls....I was hooked...it was so fascinating to watch her open up these oysters that people had purchased and we get to see what kind of pearls they got inside!
You can order 1 or 20 or more, it is all up to you...then you wait a day or two and watch the latest upload on youtube and get to see your oyster be opened...You can buy jewelry to have your pearl set in, they have rings and necklaces and more....Well, then they had a Buy one get one free offer going on so I jumped at the chance to get my own pearls...I waited for my video to see what would I get, Oh I wanted a black and white one so bad.....I came really close, I got a midnight blue one and a light pink one, they are so beautiful...I paid the 2.00 extra to have little mounts on them so I could hang them on a necklace, since I use to make jewelry I have tons of necklaces and charms to make a necklace...
If you are looking for a great gift for someone you can buy the  oyster and tell them it is a present for so and so and they will put that on the video when they open the pearl for you!! So much fun!

Here is the video of them opening my oysters, she opens them at the 6;40 mark

I hope you go and support them, they are really great people, and you never know what color pearl you are going to get or you might even get twins! Sometimes you get 2 pearls in one oyster!!

Here is my necklace I made with my beautiful pearls:

Friday, July 7, 2017

Quick and easy dinner recipe!

Baked Chicken Taquitos:

Roast some split chicken breasts, cool, then chop into small pieces, or use the chicken from a rotisserie chicken. You will need about 1 1/2 cups.

Shredded cheese, jack and cheddar mix, 1 cup

1 package 8 inch flour tortillas (10 count)

3 avocados, mash and sprinkle some onion powder and garlic powder, salt and pepper, mix well.

1 can re fried beans, any flavor you like or plain.

Optional: butter to spread on tortillas for baking.
Serve with Spanish rice and salsas for dipping, we like green salsa for chicken, and some queso dip too!!

Preheat oven to 400*

Line a sheet pan with foil and spray with non stick spray.

Lay a tortilla flat, spread on a couple spoons of beans down the center, spoon on some avocado, cheese, chicken...just a spoonful or two of each item, you need to roll these and place seam side down on sheet pan. Continue until all ten are made. Lightly spread some butter on the top of the tortilla rolls and bake for 20 minutes until browned and heated through....


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Lemonade and summer sun....

I have been keeping busy around here, making lemonade, I like the countrytime lemonade mix, very refreshing when it gets hot out!
I have also been making cards for my card swaps, practicing using my alcohol markers, they are really nice for blending colors.
Not much news here, just a nice quiet lazy summer....

Magic slider card..those are fun to make!

I have not finished my crochet scarf yet...still working on that, but here is my next project to make:

Waiting on the yarn to arrive! Bought an old vintage belt for the strap..oh this will be fun to make!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Do you know what today is??????

YES!!! It is my favorite day of the year! The first day of SUMMER!!!
I love the sunshine and the warm days, it has been just a tad too warm here in Las Vegas, 100* to 115* each day this week....but it won't always be like that.

Summer has always meant no more school/work....you get days where you can lay down on the cool grass and read books, all day long...you don't have to come in from outside  until the street lights come on.....
Summer was a time......
I would wake up on any given day of the week, make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, stop at the library (remember those?) and check out a book, run over to the big park we had and find a quiet place to just sit and read in the grass....oh, I could do that all day! I loved to read when I was young...

Some of my favorite summertime books were:
anything from Judy Blume, Scott Corbett had some fun books about a mailbox trick, baseball trick, about a smart kid who could figure out all kinds of neat things! Oh I miss those summer days....

But, I still know how to enjoy summer, I will never lose that, only now I spend my summer swimming in my very own swimming pool, reading books on my lounge chair in my beautiful backyard, sipping wine when the tiki torches are lit.....

Ahhh, good old summertime....

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lost in time?? losing my mind??

I am taking my first crochet class, it is 3 saturdays long.
Called Lost in Time Shawl....gorgeous...

but I am struggling to learn to read a pattern, the pattern had to be converted into english from another language so it is not really clear and has some goofs in it.

I have only learned  to crochet by youtube videos and following along with each row...so trying to do a row without someone to watch is not easy!

I will continue on and hope to be able to read patterns on my own when I have completed the next two saturdays....

You can find the pattern on her website at:

Here is where I am at, I have had to get help from the teacher and from Tanya my yarn Guru....
I am on row 13 and my count is off again...UGH!
My homework was to get to row 21....hahahahaha, not going to happen all by myself...

This is mine up to row 12, cant get the count right on row 13...poo!
I will update in two saturdays!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Whew! Number #28!!!!

Our date night, we had a nice dinner at the yard house and we played bingo!
Fun fun fun!!!

I made his card...I love the saying....Today we celebrate the best decision you ever made!

Hey all,
My hubby and I are celebrating 28 years married today! Wow! We have been together for 30 years come July...but we got married June 10th 1989.....so so long ago and far away....

We still have date night, we still hold hands, we still kiss goodnight.

We still think the key to a long and happy marriage is having fun and enjoying each others company, yeah sometimes life is hard and tough and things get messy, but if you work together you can come out shining on the other side! Teamwork is the only way.

So today, I give you some advice for a happy marriage, these really work for us, and maybe can work for you too???

Date night, once a week go somewhere, even if you have to go to fast food and sit and eat together, AND NO phones allowed at the dinner table! You talk, communicate, listen to each other.

Help each other around the house, one person can't do it all....he helps me make the bed, he will do the dishes or put away laundry....I always make him something to eat when he gets home from work, homemade with love! In other words work as a team for a clean and happy home....

Dinner at home is at the table with music on...no tv, no phones allowed, again time to talk about life and all the things going on around us.

Talk nice to each other, no yelling, no name calling....if you don't have something nice to say..then think of something nice to say!!! And say it...again communication is the answer to everything ...keep talking no matter what,  I always tell Charlie my feelings on everything.....and he listens and tries to help me...I do the same for him...no judging just helping.....teamwork!

There are plenty more things but those are most important, and we are not perfect..we sometimes slip but one of us will remember...hey we are not supposed to do this or that so let's get back on track!!!

You only live once and this once should be a happy journey...we get about 80 years on this planet, let's make those years fun and enjoyable!!!

So grab your partner and give them a hug, get back to Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Love does not make the world go around, Love makes the ride worthwhile!

Have a happy day!
Love, Jackie

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Scrappin Escapes in San Diego!

Got to spend last weekend in San Diego with Patti from www.scrappinescapes.com

We arrived Thursday and had the salmon dinner at the LaJolla Marriott, always fabulous food there!
Try their hamburgers with caramelized onions, yummy!!
Scrapbooked all weekend, well, the city had a black out that took out the lights on Friday, so we kinda had to crop in mostly dark, some power was available to the power strips so we had our little lamps going...ate more great food, drank to many vanilla lattes from starbucks, got to lay out by the pool for a little while...ahhhh, a fun weekend....got a couple good pages done in my British Isles scrapbook too:

I refused to get in the one elevator they had working on the emergency generator....no way was I going to get stuck in an elevator....so I made Christy take the stairs with me.

Cropping in the dark, that was a first for us!

Ahhhhh, lounging poolside!!

Thanks go out to Patti for putting on these great crops!! She works so hard for us to have a fun place to escape too!!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

My Etsy shop is restocked!

Whew, I have been stocking up my Etsy shop:  www.peaceloveandartshop.com  with lots of new goodies, guitar necklaces, harmonica necklaces, etc....

I like to name my pieces for music artists and songs....so I decided I would write little tidbits of info and some lyrics along with my items, go check it out my shop and learn a little something about your favorite song or band...

Just a couple pics of some of the items found at www.peaceloveandartshop.com :

Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl"

Lynryd Skynyrd "FreeBird"

Janis Joplin "Kozmic Blues"

Moody Blues

November Rain "Guns and Roses"
They make wonderful gifts for the music lover in your life!! Plus you will be supporting a starving artisit....ME!!! Thank you everyone, have a wonderful weekend!!!